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General Update 28MAR2024

Hey it's ForestHasEyes, just checking in to let you know this update section will now be used to update on story updates, site updates, and more. Starting off: The Polish GROM Story has gotten it's second entry, on the same page as the first, go check it out, Entry 3 is being worked on as we speak. The site now has a function that allows you to enter your email to get updates on different entry updates, which will make checking in easier. Apart from that, a fairly large progression in the 'verse will occur after the completion of the Polish Special Forces story. If you wanted to know what happened to Dwight Nolan: Stay tuned. Apart from that I've taken suggestions from people, along with developed ideas of my own, this includes (potentially) The 22nd SAS, The Marine Raiders, Spanish Unidad, The 75th Ranger Regiment, and more.

Apart from that, hope you're all having a wonderful day, and stay safe.


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