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Update 14MAY2024

What's up. So after some wait, the 3rd and final entry to the Polish GROM story is up and available, posted to the same exact page as the previous entries to make reading fluid if you wanted to reread or to catch up. It will also be shown at the bottom of the screen if you wish to get their quicker after this. Apart from that the next story is currently in the works of being drafted. For those of you who were long time fans of the original "I'm a Security Guard" story, stick around, as this will be somewhat of a direct sequel. Likewise, in terms of anthology tales more related to the military side of things there's certain ones coming up that will involve the British 22nd SAS, US Marine Raiders, and 75th Ranger Regiment. For now, enjoy may, and I'll be back with you soon. Stay safe and have fun.



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